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DC Talk Reviews

If you have seen DC Talk live recently, please email a review to me. It can be a review of their "Supernatural Tour" or if you saw them at a festival, you can write about that too. Email your review to me at: heavenbound24@hotmail.com Thanks and God Bless!

I'm Christine and I went to the dc talk concert in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We had 2nd row floor seats so that was excellent to start. Right in front of Mike and Kevin. The concert was the greatest experience of my life. A "supernatural" experience. I was moved to tears during Toby's speeches and "My Will" (one of my favorites). Also, when the whole Target Center was singing "Awesome God." you could feel the power. We were jumping and screaming the whole time!! They really put on a great show. One thing that always amazes me about dc talk, besides being fan oriented, is that their voices are genuine. When you hear other bands in concert, their voices sound so different in person, like it's computerized. But Toby, Mike, and Kevin have genuinly beautiful voices that overwhelmed me that night. I was so sad when it was over. But, I'll see again in July, at a festival here in Minnesota. People who are scared off by their Christian image are really missing out on a great band with great music. They are the ones who turned me to Christ. Thanks for listening to me babble!!


Minneapolis, Minnesota

My dad & I got to Liberty University at about 5:15pm, after we missed the first exit, and he put up with me spazzing out about how we were going to miss the concert because of this and all that junk...So we finally gotthere and we walked around campus some, and then we went to stand in line. After a while, we went in and got our merchandise-I got a blue "God is here, Supernatural tour 1999" t-shirt, a black "supernatural tour 1999" t-shirt with the guys pictures on it, the tour book, a poster, and a keychain.

The W's came out first. They were okay I guess. [can you tell I don't like them?] they sang 'Moses', 'King of Polyester[sp]', The devil is bad, and some song that goes 'why don't you grow up' [amen to that!:o)] Jennifer Knapp was second. She's not my favorite singer, but she was pretty cool. She sang Undo me and a couple other songs. After Jenna, there was a 10 minute intermission, and the dcT came out. Suga bear was wearing camoflage pants and a gas mask. um...Michael was wearing black pants, a black shirt, and boots. toby was wearing I think black pants and some t-shirt. he changed twice-once he was wearing baggy cargo pants[they looked sooo good on him] and a jacket, then he changed his shirt into that black muscle shirt that we all love and he was wearing a cowboyhat. Kevin started out wearing this cool black suit. He changed once and ended up wearing a black t-shirt and the same pants. Michael came up first, at the end of the catwalk, singing the first part of dive. then Toby and k-max joined him from out of thin air, and they sang the rest of dive, then slowly made their way to the stage. Michael was about three feet away from me! They did Jesus is Just alright, and its killing me. After its killing me, they did a cool cover of the beatles 'hello goodbye' song. During the 'hello goodbye', toby took his microphone and put it up to my mouth! I got to sing a little bit of the song! I had been changing the film in my camera, and I looked up and toby was standing [THREE FEET away from me streching to get the mic up to me] up there laughing at me because I didn't notice. I said 'hello' or something [because michael was singing 'you say goodbye, i say hello' right then] then he took is mic back. I just about died after that. They did Consume me, colored people, and My Friend [so long]. Michael came out and talked somewhere in there, but I don't remember where. then Toby and Kevin came out and they all did Since I met you. Toby and Kevin went backstage after that, and Michael talked about Godsend. He said that his mom and niece were in the audience. he sang the first verse and the chorus of Godsend, then toby and kmax came out and they did 2 verses of between you and me. Then they went out on to the catwalk for the acoustic set and did What if I stumble, Into Jesus, My will, "Psalm 40", Awesome God, and My deliverer. Then they went back onstage, and DJ Forum did his little thing-it was cool. They started the disco set with "wanna be loved" and then did some 80's songs, and introduced the band. then everyone went backstage for a break, and toby and suga bear and jason halbert came out doing this funky dance across the stage. Toby and Suga Bear did some hip hop rap stuff, then Toby did a few dct oldies [heavenbound, nu thang, etc] they did a couple cover songs that I didn't know too. Kevin and Mike came out when Toby was done rapping and they did Day by day. kevin went out on the catwalk by himself and did "alas my love" and "what child is this". It was really good. They did In the Light next. The lights went down after that, and they did Supernatural. They did a wonderful job, and they put all the lights up on the roof, like they were pointing them at God. After Supernatural, they did Red Letters. that was my favorite. They stood still and Toby Sang the first verse. when they did the chorus, they said 'there is Love' and the word 'love' came up on the screen, and they said 'in the red letters' and they put a bible verse with the world love in it up. they did that with the whole chorus, and then finished the song. they had like, videos and video stills of Jesus going through Israel and the crucifiction and stuff like that--it was great. they did an awesome job on that song. They went backstage for 5 minutes or so, and the crowd was banging on the chairs and screaming and all that junk. They came back out and did Jesus Freak as an encore. They really ripped it up. Kevin let his voice go--that man can SING!:o) Toby gave his testimony last. He basically told about how he got saved and how we can get saved. He is so humble, he amazes me. I mean, he could be up there talking about how good he is, but he's not. He was crying and telling people how to come to know his Jesus. It was really awesome. Toby told people to find someone to talk to if they wanted to get saved, and when I was going upstairs, i walked past this guy & this girl [who was a youth pastor], and the guy was getting saved. so that was really cool.

After the show,we looked at the merch tables and all around the vines center...] So we went and asked the lady where kevin was going to sign books, and she told us to go stand over by this booth. so we went over there and we had our "at the foot of heaven books" out and stuff, and this guy came running up and asked if we were waiting for k-max. We said yeah, and he told us to go sit in these chairs and that kevin was trying to get out of the meet and greet. So kevin finally showed up about half an hour later and he was appologizing for being so late and stuff. He was sooo nice. I mean, he left the meet and greet so he could sign 12 fans books-- and he was telling us how sorry he was for keeping us waiting. I got to meet him. HE was really sweet and I told him that I liked his poetry and thanks for coming. I got my picture taken with him and um...he signed my book. oh yeah, if you have kevins book, ya know that fist poem "Rachel"? I asked him who it was about. he said that it was just a random name and that it wasn't about any one. It was sOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome! I have wanted to meet K-max for ever! he is so sweet and he is really nice. I thought he would be different. he was kind of shy. I told him that I like his hair the way it was[ red] and he said yeah, and that he is dying it back blond in two days. so thats cool-i like it better blond. ohman..his eyes. I always thought his eyes were so blue because of the lighting onstage and stuff, but they're that great blue all the time. I felt like he could read my thoughts [which weren't much other than "oh man! I'm meeting him! isn't he cute? alayna got a good one...Thank you Lord for letting me meet him"] AAH! lol