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Excellent, really lifts up the name of Christ.

Very Good

Okay. It may lift up Christ, but musically, its just not as good.

Don't waste your money.


WOW! Is one way to describe the latest release from Rebecca St James. I enjoyed this CD even more then I enjoyed listening to “God”(if you can believe that). The CD begins with the title song, ”Pray” which encourages us to spend time with God and reminds us that ,”there is forgiveness when I turn to You and pray.” The CD also includes songs about hope in God (“Ok”), giving yourself 100% to God (“Give Myself Away”),”God’s comfort (“Peace”), and my personal favorite, “I’ll Carry You” which reminds us that we can’t go through life or do anything without him. This is a CD that is a must have for any Christian music lover!


First came the popular TV show about angels sent by God to help the lost, and not comes the soundtrack, featuring some of today’s top Christian and secular musicians. The CD includes the show’s theme song, “I Will Walk With You,” which is sung by Della Reese. I just adore the music on this CD, especially “Testify To Love” and “You Were Loved,” both sung by Wynonna Judd, and both were once featured on the show. Other artists featured on here are Bob Dylan, Amy Grant, Celine Dion, and Jaci Velasquez. I didn’t expect a TV soundtrack to move me like this one did, but I found it to be a very inspirational CD and I highly recommend it to you, even if you’re not a fan of the show!

PRINCE OF EGYPT “Inspirational Soundtrack” 1/2

This CD isn’t nearly as great as I expected it to be. In fact, I only really love one song on it which is “My Deliverer” by DC Talk. The only other songs that I find worth while are the ones by Jars of Clay and Boyz II Men. Maybe it’s because I’m just not interested in the musical styles of the other artists, like Take 6and Shirley Cearsar, but I can’t recommend this to you unless you’re willing to pay twelve bucks for three or four good songs.

THIRD DAY'S "Conspiracy No. 5"

This is another album that rocks! It's my own opinion that this album is ten times better then their last one. And it contains another song, "My Hope is In You" that anyone can use as a prayer to God. Actually, most Christian songs can be used that way but sometimes there's just a certain song that really speaks to you, sometimes more then any other song on the CD. This is one of those songs. I absolutely love 'Who I Am" which talks about how much Jesus loves us and is there for us, even though, in reality, we do not deserve his love because of who we are (sinners). Other great songs on this CD include "Peace" and "Alien." Go get this CD today!


I was never much of a SCC fan. I knew some of his songs, but didn't become a fan until I won 3rd rock tickets to a concert of his a little over a year ago. I was so blown away by the songs on "Signs of Life." From the opening track, "Children of the Burning Heart," I was hooked, but two of my favorite songs have got to be "Pray" which reminds us to pray not only at bedtime, but all day, everyday, no matter where we are or what we're doing and "Free" which reminds as that we're always free as long as we're living for Jesus. I also enjoyed such songs as "Signs of Life" and of course, "Lord of the Dance." SCC is now one of my all time favorite CCM artists and this CD is the reason why!


This CD rocks! RSJ got saved at 8 years old, and now, at 21, she's encouraging others to also make the decision to live for Christ. Her music is so inspirirng and if you ever see her live, you won't be the same afterwards. She has a way of just making you want to be on fire for Christ, no matter what the cost which is one reason why I love the song "Carry Me High". That song talks about not bowing before anything but God, even if it means being persecuted for it. "Speak to Me" and "Abba (Father)" are two songs that I even use when I spend time with God. They really speak to my heart and I use them as prayers to God as well. But one of my favorite songs on it is "Go and Sin No More" which reminds us that no matter how much we mess up, God will always forgive us. This is a must have for every CCM fan!

DC TALK'S "Supernatural"

DC Talk's fifth CD, "Supernatural," is by far, their best album yet. This album is proof that they have not watered down their message at all and that they have not lost their boldness for Christ. In fact, I believe that it shows them being more bold then ever. Some of my favorite songs on it are; "It's Killing Me," which is about walking away from a friendship that is hurting your spiritual walk, "Fearless," which talks about not being afraid when you follow Christ, the title track, "Supernatural," "My Friend So Long," which is about a fictional fourth member who chooses fame over the message, and "Red Letters," which refers to Christ (whose name in many Bibles, appears in red). This is a MUST HAVE for any DC Talk/Christian music fan.

THE W'S "Fourth From The Last"

For those of you who love swing, such as the 1930's Benny Goodman or the 1990's Brian Setzer Orchestra, I found the CD for you! The W's combine upbeat swing music with the Word of God in such songs as "Open Minded" and "The Devil is Bad." A young group, in their 20's, the six members of the W's use a combination of musical instruments from the clarinet and the trumphet to the guitar and drums, to creat an upbeat, uplifting, lively, fun, and enjoyable style of music. Swing was popular in the 1930's, but unfortunately, you don't hear to much of it in 1998. Slowly but surely though, swing is making a comeback and its great to see that it's crossing over into the Christian music industry. I love listening to the W's as they "swing for the Lord!"

MICHAEL W. SMITH'S "Live The Life"

I think this is by far, my favorite Michael W. Smith CD, although they're all pretty good if you ask me. As you can probably tell by the name of this CD, Michael W. Smith is urging us all to be bold for Christ by living our lives like Jesus. Its not enough to just talk the talk. If you really want to see a change in your family, friends, etc, you have to live out what you believe, no matter what the cost. Easier said then done, eh? (I agree!). One of my favorite songs is 'Missing Person, which talks about finding yourself again after you have strayed from the faith. This is something I can definitely relate too, esp. the lyrics, "He used to want to try and walk the straight and narrow. He had a fire in him and he could feel it in the marrow. I've been searching for that missing person." I also enjoy "Live The Life," "Never Been Unloved" which is a good song to listen to whenever you feel like you're really being persecuted and nobody cares, "Don't Give Up" which encourages us not to give in to the crowd and to continue standing up for your faith, and "In My Arms Again," a beautiful love song which was originally written for the Titanic soundtrack. This is one CD every Smitty fan must own.

PETRA's "Petra Praise 2"

Who says praise and worship music is boring? Answer.....obviously someone who doesn't know Petra. This is such an uplifting CD, and so many of the songs really make me want to worship God. Some of my favorites include "Be of Good Cheer," "Anchient of Days," "Show Your Power", and "We Need Jesus." Anyone who hasn't seen these songs performed live, should! I was lucky enough to watch Petra perform live in the front row, a year ago and I will never forget that night. There's nothing like praising the Lord as loudly as you want to with one of the greatest in Christian rock.

JENNIFER KNAPP's "Kansas" 1/2

I really enjoyed this CD. Its not the best in the world, but it is quite good. Jennifer Knapp is still young so she has all the time in the world to improve herself musically. The best songs I think you'll find on the CD are "Whole Again," "Undo Me," and "His Grace Is Sufficent." Those are the songs that I play over and over and over again. The others are alright. They're not bad, but not great either. I still gave it three stars though because from what I understand, this is her first CD, and for a first timer, its not too bad!

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