I have gotten emails in the past from fellow Christians who weren't too thrilled with my movie reviews. Many of them disapprove of the movies I've seen (even though they probably know nothing about the movies whatsoever) and many Christians think that anything that's above PG is immoral and ungodly. I've even been asked, "WWJD? Do you think he'd see an R rated movie?" My reply is, "Absolutely!" Jesus would do many things we'd never imagine that he'd do, or that we ourselves wouldn’t do. He'd probably see an R rated movie and then talk to the people about it afterwards. I can also see him going into bars and many other places that Christian's don't even want to look at, let alone go inside of.

I believe that we should always go to God about such things. Just because God may have convicted you and told you not to see anything R rated, does not mean that He has told everyone that. If you're convicted and told not to do something, then by all means, don't do it! However, I think it's silly to tell other Christians that they're wrong in doing certain things, just because YOU have been convicted of it.

I have also been told that young Christians may see my reviews and think its okay to see such films. First of all, I am not their parent! If their parents tell them not to see a certain film and they do it anyway, don't blame me for goodness sakes! Besides, who's to say that it is wrong to see these films? Obviously, if you're under age and you're being told by a parent not to see a certain movie, you should not disobey them. However, if you're a legal adult with a mind of your own, then I would ask you to please use common sense. If you've been brought up with Christian moral standards, then use those standards, as well as prayer, to convict you and tell you what to or not to see.

Finally, let me point out to you that I do not believe in ratings. I have seen R rated movies that should be PG and vice versa. On one hand, I've seen PG rated films that have shown sexual innuendo’s with people living together out of wedlock and use of the four letter "f" word. But on the other hand, I have also seen R rated movies, such as Schindlers List, that are powerful films and should be seen by everyone, sometime in their lives. My intent here is not to list for you everything wrong or sinful about a film. I'm not going to condemn every secular movie, and I'm not going to praise every Christian film. When seeing a movie I look at: entertainment quality, acting ability, and whether or not its a decent screenplay with good dialog. However, I will also let you in on the kind of language that is used, how much violence there is, and whether or not those things are necessary for the telling of the story. I will also tell you what kind of sexual situations (if any) are in the films. In my opinion, those are NEVER needed to move a story forward.

In a way, the "WWJD?" argument is ridiculous, at least to a certain extent. There are Christians who probably think Jesus wouldn't use medicine to heal, or wouldn't own a TV, or wouldn't read anything non-Christian. But does that mean its sinful or wrong to do those things? Of course not! There are also those who think Jesus would see R rated movies, would hang out with homosexuals, and would minister in bars. Does that make those people wrong or right? Once again, "NO!" To me, it's all about personal convictions. If the Lord has lead you to do or not do something, then you must listen to Him. But as I've said, don't assume that just because he's telling you not to watch R rated movies, that that makes R rated movies wrong, because it doesn't. It just makes them wrong for YOU. He convicts each one of us differently, and my reviews are to inform you as to what they're about and whether they're worth seeing or not. These are my opinions and my opinions only. Please, don't look at my reviews and assume that I'm telling every young person out there to go see them. That's up to them and in some cases, their parents to decide what they'll see. But ultimately, the decision should be between the individual and God. He'll lead you in the right direction.