All About Me

I decided that its about time that I revised this section of my site since a few things have changed in my life. I'm still a Community College Theatre major, but I hope to graduate in the fall. I'd love to transfer to Pitt, but with finances as they are, the only way I'll get there is if God provides a way. I hope and pray that He will. I also turned a year older a couple of months ago. While those are two changes in my life, I don't really want to give you a book to read, so instead, I'll just list for you a few of my stats, faves, & raves. Here we go......

NAME: Maggi
AGE: 24 years old
LOCATION: Pennsylvania
DENOMINATION: Roman Catholic. PLEASE do not email me and tell me how being Catholic is sending me to Hell and don't list everything that you find wrong with the Catholic Church. EVERY denomination has its faults and I'm sick of being critisized for being Catholic. I have a relationship with Christ, and THAT is what matters, not what denomination that I am. As soon as some Christians get that through their heads, the better off we'll be!
EDUCATION: Public school until the middle of 6th, then homeschooled until the end of 12th, and then I went on to the Community College.
WHAT I WANT TO BE: An actress, but I'd like to do anything that has to do with performing, even if it means writing screenplays or setting up sets on the stage. I love both the film industry as well as the theatre world.
THEATRE EXPERIENCE: Worked the spotlight on "Into the Woods" (1998), and performed in "Cinderella" (1998), "You Can't Take it With You" (1999), and "Spoon River Anthology" (1999). This semester I'll be modeling in our drama club's fashion show, performing in the "Evening of One Acts," doing 20 hours of crew work for my tech theatre class, and hopefully I'll get a part in this semester's production, "Voice of the Prairie." Wish me luck on that one! I'm also the head of the drama club's tour committee which plans our yearly spring trip to the Big Apple!
INTERESTS RELATING TO ENTERTAINMENT I love old movies, especially ones with Jimmy Stewart, Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, Betty Davis, etc. I also love Hitchcock movies! I'm also very interested in Native American culture and therefore I enjoy watching movies that feature an all Native American cast, such as "Dance Me Outside," "Lakota Woman," and "Smoke Signals." I love the Broadway stage and this April I am hoping to see at least 3 or 4 Broadway shows, hopefully two musicals and two non-musical plays. I also collect Abbott & Costello movies. I only have one more to find and my collection will be complete! I'm also a huge fan of stupid B movies, esp. the ones by Ed Wood.
INSPIRATIONS: Bernadette Peters is by far, the most awesome stage star and recording artist. I'm seeing her a second time in Broadway's "Annie Get Your Gun" and I am planning on meeting her as well. Wish me luck on that one! As far as movies are concerned, Winona Ryder, Tom Hanks, and Jimmy Stewart come to mind as huge inspirations. I really admire their work.
OTHER FAVE. PERFORMERS: Christian Bale ("Swing Kids," "Little Women"), Travis Fine (Odyssey's "The Young Riders" & "Girl Interupted"), Gregg Rainwater ("The Young Riders"), Ralph Fiennes ("Schindlers List" & "Quiz Show"), Adam Beach ("Smoke Signals" & "Squanto: A Warriors Tale"), Michael Greyeyes ("Dance me Outside" & "True Women"), Robin Williams, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, and Meg Ryan.
OTHER INTERESTS OF MINE: Reading, history, museums, working on my web sites, watching figure skating, dancing, going to concerts, working out, and the usual stuff that people my age do!
FAVORITE BOOKS: Little Women, the Anne of Green Gables series, Bad Girls of the Bible, True Women, A Long Fatal Love Chase, Singles Plus, A Time to Kill, The Diary of Anne Frank, and some Stephen King books.
FAVORITE MUSICIANS: dc Talk, MWS, RSJ, Newsboys, Jars of Clay, Sonicflood, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Enrique Iglesias, Savage Garden, Ricky Martin, some of the Backstreet Boys, Wierd Al Yankovick, REM, and tons more!
FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Touched by an Angel, Whose Line is It Anyway, America's Most Wanted, The E! True Hollywood Story, Mysteries and Scandals, The Young Riders, The Golden Girls, the Brady Bunch, and the old Cosby Show.
PLACES I WOULD LOVE TO VISIT: London! Definitely London's West End.....their version of Broadway! I'd kill to go there! j/k I'd also like to visit Hollywood, Toronto (to see "Phantom of the Opera") and Prince Edward Island.

Okay, I think that's enough about me! Sorry if a bored you to death, but sometimes its interesting to see if people like the same stuff that you do! Either that, or you find yourself learning about things you never even thought of before. I hope you've enjoyed learning about yours truly. Take care and God Bless!